August 17, 2021 DLadmin


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To improve your chance of collecting on a customer account or debt do the following:
*Always get Information about your Customer. Information is key to collecting a debt.
*Always get a copy of your customer’s Driver’s License- A driver’s license tells you a lot about your customer. It tells you, the customer’s name, address, state of residence, license number, and date of birth.
*Always get the last four digits of the customer’s social security number. This helps in searching for assets and customer identification.
*Always get a bank reference and keep copies any checks that you receive from the customer. If possible, have the customer pay the first invoice with a check.
*Always save copies of checks used to pay any bills that you send. Customer’s change banks so your information must change.
*Always get a signed agreement that spells out exactly the terms of what you are doing and how much it will cost.
Its important to remember to keep any sensitive data obtained from a Customer secure.