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We are pros at collecting all types of debts. We have over 50 years of combined debt collection experience. We have been hired to defend against debt collectors and to seek collection of debts. Debt collection is a complicated business with multiple ways in which a money can be collected. We specialize in understanding all of the methods to collect a debt, including but not limited to, garnishments, executions, turnovers, abstracts, seizures, sales, discovery and investigation into assets, exemptions on seizure, Texas and Federal debt collection practices actions and the use of the Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act in debt collections.

Gregory J. Sawko began his career representing banks and collecting on accounts that were in default. Mr. Sawko has become known as a top strategist at collecting debts for banks and financial institutions. Mr. Sawko, also, has over 23 years in representing small and mid sized businesses in the pursuit of money from people that failed to pay for a good, service or loan. He has litigated thousands of cases involving accounts and has a track record of being one of the top debt collection pro’s in the State of Texas. He routinely is hired by local, regional and national banks, and businesses to collect on accounts and bad debts. Mr. Sawko represents entities that are regionally based that have mass account data bases and smaller complex litigation cases. Mr. Sawko understands that an account must be promptly collected to obtain the highest achievable result for his clients. Mr. Sawko over the past 17 years has become a primary collection agent for over 26 taxing jurisdictions for bother delinquent property tax accounts, utility accounts and municipal fines and penalties.

Mr. Burroughs began his career over 30 years ago in the specialized field of ad valorem property tax collections. Mr. Burroughs currently represents over 25 property tax entities and is involved in other complex account collection matters. Property tax collections is a mass volume collection field. From Mr. Burroughs experience in mass collections, the firm developed a mass collection protocol system to perform all types of account and business collections fast, efficient and effective. Mr. Burroughs is a leader in the specialized field of property tax and mass collections.