Property Tax Collection



Sawko & Burroughs, P.C. has specialized in governmental collections and collect ad valorem property tax accounts for counties, cities and school districts, and collects municipal fines and penalty for Cities. While both Mr. Sawko and Mr. Burroughs have expertise in the area of governmental collections, Mr. Burroughs began his career in the field and has over 30 years of specialized training in the field.The firm currently represents multiple property tax entities. Property tax collections is a specialized area of mass volume collections. The firm has developed a mass collection protocol system to perform all types of governmental account collections fast, efficient and effective.

The attorneys of the law firm of Sawko & Burroughs P.C. have been collecting property taxes in North Texas since 1982. We are the only property tax collection firm in Texas that is based in Denton County and calls Denton County home. We are also the only property tax collection firm in Texas that has the history of providing superior property tax collection rates to the Denton County area- no other firm can beat our collection rates.

Along with a superior collection rate comes a team of local attorneys and staff who live in Denton County and can relate to and immediately help the resident tax payers’ questions and concerns. We are local and effective.

The law firm of Sawko & Burroughs P.C. pledges to our taxing entities a comprehensive approach in property tax collection that cannot be matched or surpassed.


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